Easter in #Barcelona


dijous gras, a Catalan tradition


Easter week in Spain is called Semana Santa,” which means «Holy Week». There are parades and processions in Barcelona both on Palm Sunday and Good Friday – called «Divendres Sant» in Catalan and «Viernes Santo» in Spanish.

Egg roofs in Barcelona

Egg roofs in Barcelona

Barcelona is a modern and cosmopolitan city and the Easter celebrations are not quite of a magnitude match the splendour and magnitude of some other Spanish cities like Sevilla – but you can find traditional Easter processions in the center of Barcelona on Palm Sunday and Good Friday and even more in the suburbs of Barcelona. 



One of the sweetest traidtions is the mona cakes [traditional Easter chocolate cake]; the offer in our country is extremely varied and goes beyond the more commercial trends.

The recipe dating back to the 15th century did not originally contain any chocolate.  Tradition has it that the mona had to contain as many eggs as the child’s age when they received it. It appears that chocolate was first added in Barcelona in the 16th century, when cacao first arrived from the Americas. This type of monais not so common in patisseries, but they are the easiest ones to make at home. If you’d like to have a go, this is the recipe from the Corpus Català de la Cuina [traditional Catalan cook book].


Bunyols de Quaresma  (Lent bunyols) are doughnuts made from a flour base, fried in oil and then coated with sugar. They are also called bunyols de vent (windbunyols) because of their airy dough.

They are usually eaten during Lent and Holy Week Before you would find them in cake shops on Wednesday and Friday around that time but now you can find them any day.


Sagrada Familia in Easter colors


What to do at Easter in Barcelona? Barcelona is a popular destination at Easter which can mean longer lines at top attractions. You can save time by pre-booking tours and discounts cards online in our Barcelona tours shop. For families with children spending Easter in Barcelona popular attractions are the Barcelona Zoo and Tibidabo amusement park and the Barcelona Aquarium which usually have special Easter programmes with plenty of activities for kids.


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